Warranty Declaration for the BIORez Meta

Biorez Wellness Technologies warrants that the device host main unit will be free from defects and malfunction for the period of three years from the date of purchase otherwise it will be repaired or replaced at our cost. This is to protect you from “dead on arrival” (DOA) situations and defects in workmanship. If the unit fails during the three year period (commencing from the date of delivery), we will replace the unit at no cost to you. The only exception is if the service area has changed. In other words, you are sending the unit from a different address than where it was delivered and/or you would like to receive the replacement unit at a different address than delivered. We may have to add a fee if the service area has changed and shipping costs exceed our allowances. In this instance, we will notify you prior to processing any warranty replacement.

  1. Qualifications

    1. The client must meet the conditions of operation, transport and storage as outlined in the User’s Manual and other documentation provided. This is considered to be “normal usage”.

    2. During the warranty period, we will repair or replaces the device at our discretion. If the device host unit is dead on arrival (DOA) and/or damaged upon receipt, it will be replaced immediately upon formal notice. Any visible damage to the package should be recorded on the delivery receipt.


    1. Does not cover mechanical or physical damage caused by improper use, improper storage (high temperatures for example), impacts (device was dropped for example), opening/tampering with the device and so on.

    2. Does not cover cables, headphones, handholds, security keys and peripherals.

    3. Does not cover accidents, force majeure and other catastrophic events


    1. The shipping costs to return the unit will be prepaid by the client and then subsequently reimbursed by us. The shipping costs to send the replaced or repaired device is covered by us.